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Is Your Credit Score Safe?

I pay a lot of my bills online, as I am sure a lot of you do. You may have noticed my recent complaint about utility bills. Electricity more specifically. Today though I am talking about any bill that you pay online.

I will tell you what I have discovered, then you can try it for yourself. Equifax, the credit reporting agency we all know and love so dearly, is expanding their services. Yes they have branched out into what they are calling “Payment Services.” How do I know? Well, let me tell you.

I had made arrangements with the electric company to make their payment on the 28th of December, after Christmas you know. It would be late, but they knew it was coming.

When I went online, to make this late payment, same site I have used for years, I couldn’t get past the payment portal. I could log on, but my computer kept telling me it didn’t want me to go (I have Firefox, love it by the way), anyway it said it was trying to direct me to a third party site.

Well I put my little mouse down there on the the little security padlock icon. It said Equifax. Yes Equifax the credit reporting agency. I did call and question about that , but the power company representative did not have a clue.

Next I made a credit card payment online, same deal, have used the site and card for a long time. Same deal, could get logged in at the start screen, but when trying to go to make the payment the little circle spun and spun, until Firefox again warned me it was trying to direct me to a third party site. I knew I had till Six PM before the payment was late. Sure enough, little security icon says Equifax.

The story does not end there. Now that there is no payment due yet, I have logged on to both accounts, and can smoothly maneuver to the payment page. Furthermore, search online, and there is information regarding Equifax entering the payment services.

Now If they are gonna do something like that, don’t you think they would make it work smooth enough that we did not know? Since I didn’t trust to put my bank information through the third party site, I ended up paying $10.00 to pay by phone. The rep was like, “It’s not late, why don’t you just pay it online, I see here on your records you always pay on time online.” Needless to say, she did not believe me about the Equifax either.

Be warned though, even if you have made a payment arrangement, Equifax has found a way to get every little late payment on their records.

Peace Out.


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